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Runified Podcast

Apr 18, 2018

David Goodstein is from Austin, Texas, is 57 years old and a proud father of three children. We talk with David about:

  • Becoming a runner late in life and enjoying the community and fun that comes with it
  • Running 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon four times
  • Having passion for what you do in life
  • His new book,...

Apr 11, 2018

Robert Gonzalez lives in San Antonio, in a nurse, and is a proud father. We talk with Robert about:

  • How he started running to lose weight
  • That he did his first half marathon in El Paso, TX since he wanted to do something to challenge himself, and that it was a suffer fest
  • The lessons he has learned through running,...

Apr 4, 2018

Kelly Anderson is from McKinney, Texas, is 36, a wife, and a mom to three children. We talk with Kelly about how she started running 12 years ago to lose weight and to regain a healthy lifestyle after having her first child. She also shares how running became a passion of hers and how it served as an outlet as a new...