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The Runified Podcast is where we come together and talk with runners about their stories. We believe that anyone who runs is a runner, no matter the pace or distance. We also believe that runners are more than just runners. With these beliefs, the Runified Podcast will tell stories about what makes runners who they are, beyond the training and racing. Our hope is that these stories will change the way runners of all abilities think about running, and motivate you to live your own story with endurance, strength, and joy.
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Dec 12, 2016

Stacy Holden is a native Houstonian who discovered running at the early age of seven with her parents. At age 10, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and used running as a way to manage her disease. Stacy ran her first marathon at the age of 12 and has run consistently ever since. Stacy recently published a book entitled People of Memorial Park: Stories From Houston's Favorite Trail. Her book beautifully shares 45 amazing stories of people who frequent the park and running trail. Stacy tells us about the inspiration for the book and her efforts collecting the stories. She also describes a few of the stories that not only entertain and educate but also inspire readers. Stacy challenges listeners to share their stories since everyone has a valuable story that can inspire and help others. Be sure to check out the book’s website where you can purchase the book.


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