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Runified Podcast

Mar 13, 2017

BethAnn Telford continues telling her story from Episode 39 by talking about her recent experience running the 2017 World Marathon Challenge, which consists of 7 marathons in 7 consecutive days in 7 continents. As the first competitor with live cancer in her body, she used this race as a platform to spread hope for those with brain cancer and to raise money for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. BethAnn shares stories about other competitors like Ryan Hall and Michael Wardian and how they all came together as a community to help each other achieve their goals. We reflect on the reason BethAnn continues to run and she challenges runners of all abilities to find a cause they believe in to run for, and to help others join the running community.


This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2017” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast!


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