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Runified Podcast

Dec 6, 2017

Melissa Malani is a speech-language pathologist, wife, and mother of three living in Winter Park, Florida. Melissa’s running story has many twists and turns, starting with avoiding running at all costs while growing up. After finishing her PhD in 2012 she unexpected and randomly decided to start running. Melissa’s determination and goal-oriented nature led her to complete many Disney races and a total of 12 marathons. She shares lessons from training and races that everyone can learn from. Melissa also talks about how her interest in the Boston Marathon evolved and how she finally qualified at the 2017 Snickers Marathon. Listeners will be challenged and inspired by Melissa as she encourages runners of all abilities to believe in themselves and to do something every day that puts them closer to their goal.


As mentioned in the episode, please submit your “lessons learned” to be included in an upcoming episode! Record the audio of you telling your story in a few minutes and email it to This can be as easy as using the Voice Memos application on your iDevices. You can also call our Google Voice line (682) 302-2922 and leave a voice message there. Either way, be sure to include your name and contact information. Email with any questions.


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