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Runified Podcast

Jan 24, 2018

Ben Abell and Stephen Lease live in California and they are a part of the Goodr team. We talked with Ben and Stephen back on episode 4 and wanted to have them back to provide an update on Goodr, tell some stories, and let us know what to expect from Goodr moving forward. Stephen talks about running and training for his first 100-miler and Ben shares about quitting his full-time job as a lawyer. We learn how Goodr has helped the running community, including a partnership with the 100 Mile Club and how they are helping make running more inclusive and accessible by making it more fun, one pair of running sunglasses at a time.


This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2018” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast!


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