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Runified Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

Kim “Rooster” Rossiter lives in Virginia Beach, is a husband and father, an active duty United States Marine and President of Ainsley’s Angels. We talk with Rooster about:

  • Becoming a runner because of the joy it brought his daughter Ainsley.
  • The national non-profit that he started, Ainsley’s Angels, which exists to ensure that everyone can experience endurance events.
  • The lessons Ainsley taught him and the 100 races she completed, including everything from 5Ks to marathons.
  • Amazing stories about those participating in running races with Ainsley’s Angels.
  • How Ainsley’s Angels continues to grow and how you can get involved as a runner and beyond.
  • How Ainsley’s older sister, Briley, ran with her and wrote a children’s book called Born an Angel.
  • How his experience in the Marine Corps is intertwined with his life and Ainsley’s Angels.
  • His motto of “together we shall”.


This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2018” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast!


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Ainsley’s Angels Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram @ainsleys_angels, Twitter

Born an Angel Children’s Book


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