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Runified Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Sanjay Rawal currently lives out of a suitcase and calls in from Chicago, IL. We talk with Sanjay about:

  • Being a documentary filmmaker and storyteller
  • How he started running competitively in high school and why he stopped in college
  • The Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race and his film 3100: Run and Become
  • Traditional cultures that have leveraged running for survival and transcendence, including Native Americans, the Gaolo-San (Kalahari) Bushmen, and the Gyoman-san-Monks of Mt. Hiei Japan
  • Faith and its connection with endurance running
  • Running as something beyond ourselves to serve others and for a larger purpose


This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2018” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast!


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