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Runified Podcast

Apr 18, 2018

David Goodstein is from Austin, Texas, is 57 years old and a proud father of three children. We talk with David about:

  • Becoming a runner late in life and enjoying the community and fun that comes with it
  • Running 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon four times
  • Having passion for what you do in life
  • His new book, A Runner’s Guide to Finishing First in Business: Nuggets of Wisdom from an On-Demand CFO
  • Comparing the stages of running and running a business
  • Running and business data, including key performance indicators
  • International travel and races


This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2018” at for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast!


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